Hiring a Pest Control Company

There can be a number of reasons why you might need to consider hiring a pest control company. Maybe you’re fed up of mistaking mice droppings for raisins, or perhaps the thought of your pet being carried away by a colony of ants is playing on your thoughts. In all seriousness, infestations of any kind can be very upsetting – especially if they are left untreated and get worse and worse.

The annoying thing about pests is that they genuinely don’t care if it’s your home that they invade, or your neighbours. In their quest for food, safety and warmth most critters will stop at nothing to get what they want; usually to the detriment of you and your family. So, when might you need to hire a pest control agency exactly – and when might you just be over-reacting?

The truth about pests

We hate using the term ‘over-reacting’ because let’s be honest, there’s really nothing nice about having to come face to face with bugs of any size. It’s not just insects either, is it? There’s also the concern of small mammals like racoons, rodents (such as rats) and even potentially venomous snakes. Whatever you might be coming face to face with, there’s really no shame in calling out the big guns.

When might you need to hire a pest control officer?

The problem isn’t the number of invaders; it’s the type and species. For instance, if you are dealing with ants then a quick kettle of boiling water down their main entry point can put an end to them. If the issue is that fleas have infested your home, then this solution won’t work and this is when you might need to hire a pest control officer.

Likewise if you come face to face with a Black Widow spider or venomous snake, boiling water won’t help and you will most likely have to call a professional. Failing to do so can be dangerous, but even if there’s no threat to life involved, the nuisance of having to deal with ticks, lice, termites, fleas, or cockroaches can also be a pretty daunting concept.