When Might You Need the Help of a Glazier?

Heat treated windows are the normality within most modern homes, but as with any form of tempering – the results can often leave materials very brittle. The same applies to wood, metal and even plastic, but unlike windows – none of these resources can shatter in the way that glass does. When damage occurs (be it a small chip or a noticeable crack), there’s nothing quite as important as having the matter taken care of as urgently as possible.

This is where hiring a glazier can come in handy.

These experts are tasked with the installation, maintenance and repair of windows, frames and the components relating to their construction in general. With very affordable rates and a wide availability, calling upon one of these service providers can help to keep glass in top condition – but when might you need to hire one?

As soon as you notice any type of damage

During the compression and heating process, windows are modified in a way that can make them stronger. This strength makes them less prone to bending, but this means that when damaged, one of their only options is to snap under the pressure. Even the smallest chip can soon spread to a dangerous crack, so as soon as you notice a chip of any size – it’s worth getting in touch with an expert.

Visible blowing

This event is most common within double-glazed windows, where a sudden change in temperature can result in an event called blowing. In most instances pressure will build up inside of the two panes, which can eventually lead to one splitting. When these incidents occur, the consequences will be noticeable – with one window taking on a more foggy appearance (almost like a white mist is present inside). The only option is to have any damaged panes replaced.

Shattering as a result of impact

Although uncommon, there’s always the risk that the glass within our homes can suffer with immediate shattering – often if they suffer with a substantial amount of damage. Most tempered glass will simply split internally and then be held in place by the laminated layers on either side of a panel. In older windows this form of lamination won’t typically be present, so when dealing with shattered glass it’s important to keep all children and pets well away, before calling a professional to help with fitting a new pane.